Every month, we will select up to six talented members from our community of 95,000 to be featured. Great works deserve to be seen and talented people need to be kept an eye on, so here are the first two featured members of the month...


Iker Chan (ikerchan) is a 24-year-old designer from Malaysia who has been part of the eYeka community since December 2009. He loves exploring various styles inspired by the diverse cultures, religions, myths, arts and languages of the world. He has participated in various design competitions around the world, including the recent DELL laptop skin design competition in eYeka. He has been working as a Motion Designer for 2 years.



Aaron ISaac (xxdaggerxx) is a 21-year-old fresh graduate from Singapore specialising in 3D animation. He has been part of the eYeka community since March 2009. He has participated In a couple of eYeka competitions for Coke Zero and the luxury brand, Piaget. A quick look at his small but nice portfolio will demonstrate great skills and a good range of style. One of his works, a 3D short called “Monkie” is a must see!

Well done guys! Keep up the great work.