eYeka has launched 2 new competitions seeking ideas about 'Credit Card' and 'Digital Banking'. Instead of just asking you to explain it through words, we're letting you use illustrations, sketches, designs or photographs to convey your messages better! Do check out the two competitions as you can participate in both! There's also no limit to the number of entries. Contest #1: Imagine the credit card of the future


Brief: What would you like your credit card to be able to do? Tell us how your credit card will redefine aspects of your life in the future, enabling you do things you would have never thought possible. Think of it as more than just a payment tool and expound on its limitless potenial. Share your ideas and express them through designs, illustrations or sketches along with descriptive text. We want your visual insights, so showcase your ideas and feelings beyond written words. Prizes: 3 x Apple iPad Deadline: 2 August 2010 To participate in the Credit Card Co-innovation Call for Entries, CLICK HERE! -- Contest #2: Imagine a whole new banking experience in the digital age

Digital_Group_Banners Brief: Thinking about how it would look and feel, describe this new banking experience and the various technologies that will create this new reality. Through captioned designs, illustrations or sketches, suggest tools that could help transform banking as you know it. Whether it is having a video relationship manager, new mobile banking features or getting online sales assistance etc., your imagination is the only limit. Convey your thoughts beyond words and help take digital banking to a whole new level. Prizes: 3 x Apple iPad Deadline: 2 August 2010 CLICK HERE to take part in the Digital Banking Co-Innovation Call for Entries!