It's only been a week since the contest for China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan started and we already received a steady stream of entries ranging from Photographs, Graphic Design, Illustration and Animations. We witnessed exceptional talents which of course, didn't make the judging any easier but decisions have to be made! Week one's winners are... Photographer of the Week (1,500 RMB) - SmallD, 22 years old, Guangzhou, China



Jury's Comment:

SmallD's works are so surreal, each photograph is like a scene from a dream. Photography has two purpose, to either depict reality or to make up a fantasy. SmallD successfully captures the latter.

>> Graphic Design/Illustrator of the Week (1500 RMB) - flysnail76, 20 years old, Beijing, China


Jury's Comment:

Snail76's illustrations are complex yet simple at the same time. The aggressive details and outlines balance the soft touch of watercolours.

>> Video Maker/Animator of the Week (Prize: 2,000 RMB) - kim227, 23 years old, Beijing, China


See the video here.

Jury's comment:
Kim227's work is such a delight to see. It showcases brimming creativity in imagining different people in absurd situations
Congratulations to this week's winners! Be sure to continue uploading your works for a chance to win the 2nd week prize! Also, for photographers, designers and illustrators, you must submit at least 3 works to qualify for the prize. For video and animation, we really hope you'd submit at least two works as this will help us judge your skills better. Looking forward to seeing more talents from China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. Let's get creative!