Here's a lovely letter from Kenneth, an eYeka community member from the Philippines. This totally made our day. It's nice to know that our efforts are appreciated and that we inspire you to follow your passion.
I'm so ecstatic I have discovered eYeka, it brings back my glory days when I used to design a plethora when I was still in school. I think I'm going back to my! I actually love English as well. I have been loving and living the language since I was a child! I have been learning English since childhood and teaching English for over 7 years now. Then came eYeka, I think i'm goin back to school, only this time, I'm thinking of taking a design course! Thanks to you and to everyone that is a part of eYeka. It really unleashes all forms of creativity within us! ...I'm actually here in Vietnam right now teaching English but I'm going home soon. I feel like being grounded and alone here sometimes because my closest friends and family are back home. That is why I always try my best to express myself in anyway like the Arts. Eyeka has been a tremendous help. My situation truly echoes one of Gossip Girl's line from the show: "Being grounded can lead to something groundbreaking!" Thanks to eYeka. With much gratitude, Kenneth