Time to showcase another eYeka member! Meet John Baltazar (filmalot) from the Philippines. He  was among the 5 winners of the Sony Video/Animation contest, taking home USD 1000!

Tell us about yourself? I worked alone on this project.  Im a multimedia student and this is my last semester. I always dream about the future and how it would look.  Im a young filmmaker and a car design enthusiast. What made you want to participate in Sony’s My Dot Moment Contest? It was my dream to make a movie about the future and it would be so costly. So when I saw this competition,  I did not think twice and went ahead.


What’s the inspiration behind your entry?
    The Sony ad itself. What things do you enjoy about eYeka and what are some things which you hope could be improved on/added in the future? I like the diversity, different nationalities, different types of contest and from different origins. It is all in one. Any advice to your fellow aspiring filmmakers/animators? Think positive, everything has a reason. If something goes wrong, there is a good thing behind it...