As you've probably seen, we had on ongoing contest on eYeka for Renault ZE. The submission part is now over, but as it's now becoming more and more frequent, now starts the viralisation period!! For those of you who didn't get the chance or the time to participate, you can still win up to 3000€ until May 17th! Ambassador's prize: 1000€ It's really simple, just go to , and be the person who invites the most people to come see using the eYeka tools!!! (more details on the page) Facebook Ambassador: 1000€ and 2x500€ Go to and invite the most friends to join the page!!! And also an avalanche of Prizes for videos and users who’ve best used the viralisation tools ! * Most shared video on Facebook: 1000€ * Most tweeted video on Twitter: 1000€ * Most « Digged » video on 500€ * Most Stumblepupon video on 500€ You have until May 17th to participate, so get going and good luck!!!