Recently, Sony launched a contest on eYeka inviting the public to share their "My Dot Moment" through video or animation. 5 winners were selected to win USD1,000 each and one of them is KresnArtistry, from Indonesia who wowed the judges with his Sci-Fi work, "Phastamagoria".

Below, he shares us his experience. Tell us about yourself: I'm a dreamer who struggles to make my dreams come true. My team are consist of very passionate and generous friends who put their magic on our work.


What made you want to participate in Sony’s My Dot Moment Contest? I wanted to participate because it was an opportunity to share my dreams which came true. It really motivated us, we really did it! What’s the inspiration behind your entry? I really dreamed about the story. As soon as I woke up, I tried to remember my dream, wrote it down, and visualized it. What things do you enjoy about eYeka and what are some things which you hope could be improved on/added in the future? I really enjoyed the opportunity to express yourself and share whatever you made. I hope someday we can have a workshop program or course for the winners. So we can always develop and share our knowledge. Any advice to your fellow aspiring filmmakers/animators? I'm not smart enough to give any advice. But what can I share from my thought is.. Keep dreaming, Keep inspired, and always do something, No matter what.