This all-girl trio were among the victors to walk away with a USD 1,000 prize in the recent Die-logs video/animation competition launched by the Lien Foundation.

Tell us about your team Well, we're 3 animation students currently pursuing our diploma. We're 3 odd balls who like to experiment with different mediums and different style of animation.

Team Onemoredrop

What made you want to participate ‘Dielogs’? It was a good opportunity to challenge ourselves and our creativity. And such opportunity isn't easy to come by. We were also interested in sharing our thoughts and opinion about the topic 'Death' and also how others perceive death.

What’s the inspiration behind your entry? Our inspiration all came from our own personal experience and our perception of death. The final animation was the combination of all our experience and perception of death thru our relatives and family members.

What things do you enjoy about eYeka and what are some things which you hope could be improved on/added in the future? The people there are really friendly! They are very approachable and they consistently urge us to go on and encourage us. And they have a really nice workplace! Everything seems really good really (:

Any advice to your fellow aspiring animators? Practice and practice and more practice. IDEAS ARE EVERYWHERE! After all it's bringing your ideas to life! Lastly, don't be afraid to express yourself thru animation! ;)