Hi there! Today we are happy to announce the Ideal Relationship with a Brand call for entries winners! And we have great news to announce. I defer to François, our CEO, who will be happy to explain everything to you!
eYeka Brand Relationship
"Dear eYeka community members, Two months ago, we launched a call for entries on eYeka around the evolving relationship between consumers and brands. Through this call for entries, we were seeking to better understand what your perception of an ideal relationship between brands and consumers would be - by seeing such a relationship through your eyes. The jury meeting was a real pleasure and we enjoyed each one of your contributions. We were struck by the diversity of your contributions - there were more than 16 countries represented in the participants, from Vietnam to Argentina and Czech Republic! But despite this diversity, you were pretty consistent in your collective vision. You stated loud and clear that today, brands need more than ever to listen to consumers, become closer to them and even involve them in shaping future products and services. On the creative side, we were so amazed by your contributions that we decided to add a third prize to the competition. And the winners are:
  • RainbowClub: "Octopus Towers", who powerfully makes us understand that brands need to listen to their consumers - even if they have purchased their products already,
  • Virasanh: "FriendBrand", who demonstrated how brands should behave - like true friends
  • Wallace75013: "Indian Love Story", with an elegant Indian love story that put co-creation as the pinnacle of an ideal relationship.
On behalf of the eYeka team, congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all the participants!" Best regards, François Pétavy (eYeka CEO)