A new express call for entries has arrived on eYeka with up to 2000£ to win! We know people give money as gifts all over the world, but the interpretation of receiving cash as a gift is different between cultures. It can be positive, negative: you could be happy not receiving another book from your grandma, or disappointed that your loved one didn'’t take the time to understand what you wanted. That’s where we need you. Through an image, sketch, small comic strip, or print ad, show us in what occasions you would offer money instead of buying a gift: Christmas, a birthday, a special holiday in your own country, …etc... Then, please explain why sending or receiving money is better than a gift. Because the eYeka community is filled with people from more than 70 different countries and even more backgrounds, we’d like to see each and everyone’s differences. So don’t hold back on specifics from where you live or your origins! PRIZES: • 1st Prize: £500 • 2nd and 3rd Prize: £250 each • 10 following prizes of £100 each CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE BRIEF! Deadline: November 29th, 2010 Good Luck! :)