Hello everyone, today we would like to share with you guys a lovely letter from Inés Van Gucht (Belgium), the first prize winner of Happy Coffin design contest :)


She got a lot exposure after we announced the winners, as she said, “the 28th I returned from work and suddenly people started calling me”. Also, Belgium media picked it up so fast and she got quite lot of attention from local TV station, radio station and newspaper. :) Here's her letter:
Hi, I’d like to express my gratitude to eYeka and Lien Foundation regarding my winning in Happy Coffin Contest recently ☺ I live in Belgium, and when I won this competition, the national media picked it up very quick. You have to know that Belgium is a small country and when a Belgian does something, they blow it up to something gigantic. Of course I am proud, but it was a bit awkward too. When I returned from work on 28th September, suddenly people started calling me. I’ve never expected this kind of attention! ☺ I have to admit that I don't like to be on TV or radio at all.  I'm way too nervous, way too chaotic, but I took every chance and in a way it gave me confidence. It showed me there is nothing to be nervous about! The articles published online (in Belgium) are the same as the ones in English, but those published on papers were more personal with pictures. I had radio and TV interview too. They asked me about the concept and my plan as a designer. It was a great publicity! But the most important thing for me is that I got out of this: A few months ago I didn't know what to do.  I knew I still wanted to keep creating, but I had the feeling I missed the boat. I decided to become next to my part-time job a professional designer, I put all my savings in it, that way I gave myself a platform as a designer. It would be more than a hobby; it gives me a lot of confidence. I didn’t know exactly why they choose my design, but I guess in a way my concept must have been spoken to them.  Since I use my work to express myself, in a way I am already succeed. I got a lot of nice reactions, someone found it 'inspiring' and that's exactly my goal in life. The funny thing is what the whole concept is about: Thinking of your own death raises questions. It scares me. But it is not death that I fear. I fear life and the possibility of wasting it. Looks like I found a way to get there! The future looks bright, and that's because of Eyeka and Lien Foundation. I'm very grateful about that.  So thanks to you guys, and Lien Foundation. Greetings, Inés Van Gucht
Thanks Inés for such a lovely letter! Also, here's what Inés wants to share with all the eYeka creators:
Don't haste. Be open to other media and art. Never try to make your work cool, or funny, or smart just to be good. If you design from yourself, to express ... it could be all those things, plus: it would be true. Make it personal, but don't take it personal when someone hates it. Respect your own work! ... your own style. Be patient , keep on designing ... and you will get there for sure. ;)