Here are the moment you've been waiting for... ;) the ibis contest results! The winners have received a mail, but some havn't answered yet, so hurry up if you want your prize! The grand prize winner is Flashgordon, with his Grindhouse trilogy. He wins 5000€! All the videos have been submitted to public votes, on, and the results are: 1st prize: 500€ for remycayuela 2nd prize: 250€ for pabloag10 3rd prize: 250€ for Calyx 4th et 5th prize : 2 week ends in ibis hotels for kari21 6th prize: 1 week end MrSucre 7th prize: 1 week end Shin-Kaiser 8th prize: 1 week end for Mjes 9th prize: 1 week end zoolette 10th prize: 100€ for Jed 11th prize: 100€ for Brolock 12th prize: 100€ for LINEGO 13th prize: 100€ for Pfettrach 14th; 15th, and 16th prize, so 300€ for minijambiste 17th prize: 100€ for everythingbutdesign 18th prize: 100€ for jcris 19th prize: 100€ for Boy 20th prize: 100€ for olivierpoitevin Thanks to all and see you very soon!