It was all a bit hard to believe that I'd won a photography competition and was going to be flown to Club Med Bali at Nusa Dua. I was going to compete against eight other photographers from the Asia Pacific region. The prize an assignment with Club Med worth $10,000. The Bali Photography Challenge turned out to be one of the best experiences/holidays I could imagine. It was fantastic meeting the other photographers. It is sort of hard to explain but spending four days together with photographers with the same obsession and love of photography was amazing. The organizers were great. So much to do every day and they seemed to make the challenges flow with ease. I'm guessing they didn't sleep much!

It was a photography competition but it didn¹t feel like it. During an interview with Jaymee she asked me if photographers were competitive and I said: Of course, I thought about this later and realized that we are but most with ourselves. I saw the same drive in the other photographers. The challenges were fun but I found after an hour or two of photography I had to stop, download my photos and review what I had taken. One day I even had a short sleep before getting back in the mood to take photographs! I think the whole Club Med experience was getting to me. I wanted to relax like everyone else at the club!!! I did find it a challenge to shoot and post process in one day as I would normally remove myself emotional from the photos for a couple of days before post processing. I think this helps me to be more objective with what to keep and how I process the final images. I heard the same from other photographers. It really was a challenge! I was happy with my photos most days. I got a little carried away with Lightroom on the final day but that happens sometimes! I learnt so much from the other photographers. I loved the way we shared our gear and ideas with each other. Club Med Bali was beautiful with its lust green grass, palm trees and beach front location. The food was something else! So much food and so many dishes to chose from! I loved the food!

Bali was wonderful. I found everyone so friendly and relaxed. I loved the coastal temples, the beaches and the mountains. It really is paradise.The organizers of the competition, the Club Med staff and the photographers were all a fantastic bunch of people. Hopefully I will cross paths again with them all one day. Now all I want to do is go and have a holiday at Club Med Bali ! John