At the end of the contest, we had 236 pics and 189 videos. An outstanding result! Apparently, the tobacco theme seemed to inspire you greatly: the works are astonishing. Among the participants, there's french, anglosaxons, spanish, german, indians,... 51 nationalities have participated! Thanks to all those who live in Europe! ... and of course to all the others who we're inspired by this contest! ;-) Now... the winners: the European Commission was particularly interested by rpgamer's "Struggling to quit" video. This german creator and his amazing animation wins the first video prize and 4000€ ! A french creator from Saint Etienne wins the first photo prize and 1000€ with his tips to stop smoking "Ventitabac english version" from samzed!! And finally the 4 other prizes and 500€ each... All our congrats to Lotus, an australian creator and his animation "Herbet_Tinkerton_vs_smokeyville", to the belgian jcris for his video"ASTUCIEUX!!! le moyen pour arrêter de fumer", and to the two frenchies macup and Dripop for their poster"nuage anti-tabac_help" and "Help SAmourai".