Degré7, a brand expert in creating extremely effective and innovative winter clothes and accessories and very well know already for its creativity and technological breakthroughs, wishes to launch its first summer collection. Project yourselves as a Degré7 client, and imagine clothes and accessory concepts that he would need for summer activities ! Degré7 isn't looking for finished products but concepts, in sync with their user's demands. Propose concepts, ideas, universes, moods, patterns and build on them... and most of all, make them readable and understandable by illustrating them with a core idea, an atmosphere.… Drawings, designs, patterns, sketches, outlines, 3D models, pictures, and powerpoint presentations are accepted ! PRIZE 2500€ for Degré7’s enthousiasts' most relevant and acclaimed concept. You will also be invited to Degré7 in France to participate to the creation of a product(s) inspired by your idea with the Degré7 teams of stylists and modelists! Deadline: January 25, 2010 Click on the banner to participate: