Foot Locker has created a series of mini films and two TV commercials highlighting how passionate they are about sneakers - all portraying the extraordinary attitude and behavior sneaker obsessives demonstrate in the name of sneaker love. Today, Foot Locker is giving you the chance to create your own ‘Sneaker mad’ mini-film to air on MTV and win 65 paris of sneakers! Create your own mini-film demonstrating how crazy you (or your characters) are for sneakers. The idea is to be as imaginative and creative as possible. We’re looking for true sneaker enthusiasts, and what lengths they will go for their obsession. Reward The 1st prize is to be chosen by Foot Locker to have your ad featured as the winning spot aired on MTV. And you have a second opportunity to win: upload your video to the YouTube/Footlocker channel to be entered into the Win Sneakers for Life (65 pairs in 5 years) competition. DON'T FORGET: To upload your videos to Youtube, follow the guide: click here Deadline : November 22nd, 2009 Click on the banner to participate now: