First of all, we want to give you all a great thanks and congratulate you for being so professional and creative with your videos you have truly blown us away! Now here we are, after long hours of visioning, questioning, evaluating and judging, Energie has finally been able to pick out a grand winner for the Styleclash Contest who will receive the 5000€ cash prize and be broadcasted in all MK2 theatres! But the good news for other participants, is that Energie was so thrilled with what they received, that they decided to thank you the right way, by selecting 14 more videos that will be featured in DVDs distributed in Men Vogue International at 125, 000 copies and in Twist UK and France at 40, 000 copies ( as well as 500€ a piece ;-)! When we told you that with Eyeka you would be rewarded and broadcasted...we weren't kidding. Here are the winners: 1st prize with 5000€ and screenings at MK2 theatres: Hugo Barbier 2nd to 15th prizes with 500€ and featured in the DVDs : - TAM - ATYPIC - ORADE - PRAMAX - MACHINE (2 videos were selected, twice the prizes) - SEB&ENZO - SAMS - STANISLASVONULM - DJOUDGE - AUDELEA - DIAPH1KAT - CAMERA4U - SIMON BRIAND