1/ What is Eyeka? It’s a video-and-photo website dedicated to quality original works. Eyeka selects and edits these works and distributes them. In short, Eyeka acts as an agent for creators. 2/ What makes Eyeka different from YouTube or Flickr? Eyeka is not a hosting service and accepts only works on which authors hold intellectual property rights. Beyond communal capabilities such as sharing and blogging pictures and videos, Eyeka offers much more. 3/ What’s unique about Eyeka? Eyeka is commited to authorship, first by pledging to respect authors’ rights. Second, by helping authors distribute their works and thus get royalties. 4/ Whom does Eyeka want to reach? All creators, be they amateurs or professionals, wannabe poets or recognized artists! 5/ What advantages for authors? Not only can you gain recognition but also an opportunity to be syndicated and make money from royalties. 6/ Are there any success stories yet? Yes. As we speak, Alex Chan is filming a series assigned by Eyeka and sold to 20minutes.fr and AB-TV Productions. World of Electors is broadcast from April 16 to May 7 on channel NT1 and 20minutes.fr