I am back from Clermont-Ferrand where I took part in a conference dedicated to the short-films digital distribution issues. There were mainly two kinds of actors. Web TVs such as Google TV, and authors. What Web TVs value is content and traffic, meaning: the more content they offer, the more trafic they get, and the more money they make. In other words, value = traffic. To the authors, the main issue is about how to make a living out of their creations. They care about their works and their rights, money is a means of production, not an aim in itself. Value = creation. It is all about creation and valuation : create films and pictures, building a community around it, monetising their creations one way or another. At Eyeka we have a clear understanding of those issues. As a matter of fact, we stay exactly in between those two kinds of actors. On the one hand we think our authors deserve the best, and we do our best to promote their creations while warranting the respect of their rights. We offer fair conditions and accept to pay the price for great videos and photos, so authors can keep on doing the good work. On the other hand, we promote quality so users and partners get the benefit of surfing on Eyeka and using its services. For Eyeka, Value = quality. Bulding a fair and solid ecosystem between authors and viewers is possible only if we pay one another the respect one deserves. This principle is part and parcel of the Eyeka's values.