We have launched a new player and i hope you'll like it. It's beautiful. The command and info bar under the image appears and fades when you drag on it. So you have more space for your images. Try it, play the video, wait a few seconds until the menu disappears, then move your mouse on the lower part of the player hereunder. Moreover, you can click on the page icon to access your Lightbox's playlist and select more easily the video you want to watch. In last weeks's publication, we have also made a number of significant improvements on the UI : Eyeka's blog is - as you can see ! - integrated in the web site to support our authors and interact with you, the TV channels have changed, and we corrected some bugs in the "album" function. More info in French here. As before, you can pull together several images, photos and videos, in one single lightbox and export it to your blog as i just did it hereunder. On a former post on Franck Perrier's blog, , Gregory commented on downloading a video on Eyeka to share it elsewhere. We have not adressed this because it does not match the vision we have for our business. Eyeka is not about taking videos from authors to allow anyone to distribute it on sharing sites. Our authors can do that themselves. Eyeka is about showcasing these videos in a like environment, building programs from them so that we can eventually create revenu for our authors when we distribute some of these programs on other media. We hope that you'll visit our website to enjoy what the folks are uploading. Check the new videos on Eyeka Tv.