After a couple of months of exploitation, Eyeka is up for a major update of its website.

During the next 2 weeks, the website will evolve, one step at a time, in order to become a marketplace dedicated to selling photos and videos. We are going to officially open the sales on Eyeka!

Eyeka’s e-commerce version will be online with an innovating sales system. At first, your contents will be downloadable according to a scale of fixed prices; In addition, you will get paid in proportion with the streaming time your contents get broadcasted when chosen in our commercial partners’ Web and Mobile TVs ( MMTV) through the Eyeka player.

Be assured that we will keep you informed through the blog and newsletter…and our boîtes mails are wide open to answer any questions.

It is now time for you to verify that you have the right key words on your photos and videos ( in order to be found through the search engine) and that they are all placed in the right categories.                                               

Keep your contents coming!