I have always seen my surroundings with cameras. My great grandfather held a photography trade in Vence, my grandfather and my mother also did a lot of black and white. Autodidact, I seriously started photography in black and white and in color in 1997 during my biology studies. At first I was especially focused on landscapes and abstract. Later on I undertook works on the current musics in overprinting since 1997 ( no digital enhancement, overprintings carried out in slides during the shooting) which I still continue today. Currently I am interested in the man, his condition and those we forget. I find myself a lot more in documentaries, working on the ground, rather than in the studio. I consider esthetism with great importance ! These precise moments where the “painting” seems still for eternity are unique moments to which I savour the existence. I have always wanted to keep traces, souvenirs. I do not seek to limit myself and work on all the themes that touch me: Landscape, portraits, concerts, dance et shows in general, macrography, abstract, travels, textures, glances, wastelands, movements… make up my universe. It is my way of progressing. My goal being to carry out documentaries for magazines and agencies. http://marici.free.fr Events : . Next exhibition: During 2008 in the Kernotart gallery in the 15th district, on the industrial wasteland theme in concordance with the book “La Mauvaise Herbe Urbaine” . Documentary on the Children of the streets of Kathmandu, Népal 2007. . 1st prize at the international photography contest 2007 (ICA) Lucie Awards in the Still life category (www.photoawards.com) . 2nd place – Merit of Excellence – Black & White Spider Awards 2007 contest, Still Life category .Photography exhibition of the “Lumieres Rock” concert at Objectif Bastille, Paris, December 2006 to January 2007 . “My India” exhibition at the VISA Off, during the photo-documentary “Visa pour l’image 2006 festival, Perpignan Books: Ils sont le Conseil général de l’Eure (les métiers du Département in black and white, square format) La Mauvaise Herbe Urbaine (Graffitis and work on wastelands: paintings, textures, details, plans…) In the making: . An order place from the Conseil général de Seine-Maritime to put forward the interiors of the Castle of Clères for a photographic work ( exhibition from july 2008 to january 2009 in the parc) Visit his page on Eyeka.