As you may surely have noticed, Eyeka has evolved into a Marketplace which enables selling your contents on-line. Evolution of service means obviously evolution of the contract. Eyeka always had as a goal to promote and sell our photos and videos, we now have the tools that go with it J.


The website’s evolution enables you to choose between the contents you want to sell and those that you would like to protect (invisible on the website = not for sale ).


That way you can configure all your contents at once in “ My preferences” or configure each photo and video by going to “Upload” and clicking next to your photo/video, on “ Modify information”.


In other new features, we also find selling price scales, linked to different licenses depending on the intended uses, that way we can now guarantee a selling price and a pay that goes with it. Eyeka’s money is the credit and one credit equals 0.4€.


As we have to guarantee to our buyers who use the Web or Mobile TV features the possibility to operate the photos and videos they buy on the website, your contents are still available 6 months after the closing of your account. During this period, you obviously continue to be paid and your contents are not available in new TVs or available for download.


90% of the authors we have recently questioned have a drive to win money in selling their creations. We are proud to be sharing with you this new step for Eyeka and we will of course continue to improve our website.


We are always at your disposal, so don’t hesitate to send us a mail and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.