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Create a totally new end to end consumer experience in borrowing and repaying financial loans

By daniaalsabbagh on August 23, 2019 12:36 Call for entries 0

Come up with a totally new end to end service that will revolutionize the consumer credit system for a new generation of consumers!

Traditional financial institutions have always used a customer’s income and other relevant asset/earning information provided at the time of application to assess borrowing requests. In most conventional banks & lending institutions, customers are promised: security, simplicity, and speed when seeking to borrow funds. This has become the norm across the entire Financial industry. In other words, the service has become a commodity in the consumers’ eyes and no longer the competitive advantage of our client, a leading  consumer financial institution.

However, there are new start-ups emerging to offer lending services that break the conventional standards and give consumers a more flexible experience with many more options. Customers are starting to see changes in the way they can apply for, borrow and repay lent money.

That’s why our client, a leading  consumer financial institution, needs your help. This company is willing to think and behave like a challenger start up financial company and to disrupt the consumer financial lending sector. To do so, they want to create a totally new end to end consumer experience in borrowing and repaying financial loans. Can you help?

Jury's Prize

  1. 2,500€
  2. 1,500€
  3. 500€

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Introduce new OSU Apple Cider Vinegar from Mizkan to health-conscious people!

By Ekaterina Pashina on August 16, 2019 14:56 Call for entries 0

Introduce new OSU Apple Cider Vinegar from Mizkan to health-conscious people!

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) has long been known as a natural remedy in Japan. While the ritual of drinking vinegar might not be a common healthy practice for many of us, in Japan it is one of the top health rituals that aids a healthy lifestyle and helps to maintain internal balance. It has been proven that drinking vinegar has several health benefits and drinking 15ml daily can help you live longer. Generations of Japanese have been following the health ritual of drinking Apple Cider Vinegar for centuries, and it is as important today as it’s always been.

Mizkan, the no.1 vinegar brand in Japan established in 1804, is introducing a new brand of Apple Cider Vinegar called OSU, which means vinegar in Japanese. The first country where it will be available is the UK. OSU believes that inner balance starts from healthy choices rather than quick short-term fixes. Doing small things every day contributes to long term benefits and supports a strong mind and body.

OSU has over 200 years of expertise in crafting vinegar in Japan and blends unpasteurized apple cider vinegar and 100% natural fruit juice to deliver a balanced, tangy taste with the natural sweetness of apples. It includes `The Mother` which is the strands of protein present within raw apple cider vinegar.

OSU is easy to drink and has a pleasant taste, unlike some Apple Cider Vinegars. Its delicious recipes blend raw, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar with 100% natural fruit juices, making this exceptional quality brew taste tangy yet with a smooth and enjoyable natural sweetness.   ​

​Mizkan needs your help to spread the word about this new great ACV product and inspire healthy conscious people to try OSU! Can you help?

In the format of a poster - with an engaging and powerful headline and a supporting key visual - introduce the new OSU apple cider vinegar to health-conscious people! 

Join the contest now! 

Jury's Prize

  1. 2,000€
  2. 750€
  3. 500€

Participate before September 01, 2019 23:59 UTC!

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Healthy Beauty Innovation

By Pauline Gaudillat on August 07, 2019 12:30 Call for entries 0

Disruptive and Natural cosmetics for Healthy Beauty

Sadly, the cosmetics industry as a whole is characterized by an over-saturation of new brands and product launches that have no true breakout innovation or relevant points-of-difference. In-store shopping experiences are not what they used to be, as store shelves are filled to the brim with me-too, look alike products that consumers are left overwhelmed and confused.

Today, Physicians Formula wants your help to enable active 18-34 year-old American women to freely express their individuality through make up, while respecting their natural beauty and the natural environment. Can you help?

Join Now!

Jury's Prize

  1. 1,000€
  2. 750€
  3. 500€

Submit your idea before Sunday, AUGUST 18th 23:59 UTC.

Good Luck!

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Meet our creator of the month - Abdiel Hernan!

By Pauline Gaudillat on August 06, 2019 12:00 Featured Authors 1

This week, let's read more about a very creative member of the community, Abdiel_Hernan! This creative soul from Guadalajara (Mexico) joined eyeka more than 2 years ago and won 11 prizes. This success can be explained by his favorite mantra: “Do only what makes you happy”. You definitely want to know more about his creative background and process!


Tell us a bit more about yourself.

I'm a faithful believer that we live in a state of constant flux, before it was very easy to define yourself, because you were really an artist, architect or journalist and basically you only were one profession. Since I was a child, I have felt multifaceted, I have always felt fragmented.

I consider myself a trans-disciplinary creator. A lover of pencil, food and simple things. A good friend and lousy godfather, obsessive, scathing, honest, passionate and bold. An ideas dealer from the University of Guadalajara, graduated in Arts. I currently work from my own studio Dondon Concept Design, based in Guadalajara, Mexico. Developing art direction, design, packaging, illustration and fetish objects for agencies and brands.

I like to eat pitayas and I love folklore and ingenious Mexican. In my spare time if I'm not walking with my beautiful girlfriend, I'm usually cooking for my friends or enjoying a beer; sometimes all at once.

How did you find out about eyeka?

Two years ago, when I started my own project and after having working for more than 9 years in the advertising industry, I wondered why advertising had to comply with these boring rules of the 1950’s, while other industries related to Entertainment can play with much free ideas.

Then I looked for options to have fun and create more freely, so I found the eYeka platform; to my surprise my first entries were within the short list. I currently have more than 10 contests won, part of the profits I use to know destinations.

Do you have a creative process? If so, can you share a bit of your secret with our community? Where do you look for inspiration?

I'm a meticulous, obsessive and disciplined guy, I consider that travel, read, take the time to breathe and appreciate the world, stimulates us, makes us create, imagine and connect in more meaningful ways, there is nothing more sustainable than beautiful things.

My creation process is very random but thorough, I believe in the mix of disciplines to cause unusual approaches to ideas and achieve interesting results.

When submitting an entry, how do you keep positive if it is rejected or not selected as a winning entry?

In the creative industry it's often thought that when you do something right, you gain confidence, but the opposite happens with ideas. Every time you have a good idea it becomes more difficult, because it's believed that it’s difficult to have another one. However, create is a necessity that requires work on something completely new, always! Conceive new challenges is a way of feel that I keep moving forward.

Failure is a constant in life, but it’s the only way, for analysis and learn, is the only route to write completely different stories.

What would you like to achieve (or have already achieved) with the prizes you will win/have won?

I spend it on travel, food, and sometimes I use it to fund a variety of personal projects. Right now, I'm working on “Monogram; nothing is fancy” a collection of leather goods that reinvents everyday objects for a contemporary lifestyle.

If you had to describe eyeka in 3 words, what would they be?

Brands, recreation and coffee.

Finally, is there anything you would like to share with our creators?

Don't spend much time in bed, unless it's Sunday, and you have an amazing smile by your side.

On the other way, the people around you always tell you: define yourself, learn, focus you, do only one thing, specialize and be clear about what you are doing. But what if you like art, philosophy, carpentry, biology, business and things that maybe have nothing to do? Suddenly, over time, it seems that it is good not to be just one thing, because you extract all that background that now becomes a superpower. 

Thank you so much Abdiel!

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Dugro - Lead Healthy Children to Success

By Mikhail Kachakhidze on August 01, 2019 15:28 Call for entries 0

Help Dugro raise Mums’ awareness on the importance of a healthy lifestyle for their children future success!

Most people assume the modern society we live in offers better life condition to children. However, despite the constant progress there are some scary side effects that we often ignore: children today expend 400% less energy compared to 40 years ago, social isolation at a young age could impact mental health at adult age, bad alimentation can result in tiredness and lack of concentration among kids. Today it is much more complex than it used to be to evaluate what a children suffer from, hence the importance of a holistic health approach.

Holistic health is more than just optimal height and good marks in school. Good health encompasses physical well-being, cognitive development as well as emotional health. Lacking in any of these aspects directly impacts children throughout their lives into adulthood, reducing their ability to thrive and ultimately their success.

First-time mums are not necessarily aware of that, or they are not concerned because they keep focusing on traditional milestones, where cognitive development is believed as the most important element to succeed. They assume their child is growing well as long as he has a good height and weight, but they can miss crucial elements.

Dugro, a well- known Children’s Milk Brand in Malaysia, believes that for every Malaysian child to succeed, we need to ensure they have a really holistic health foundation. Dugro is committed to ensuring every Malaysian child has a good start in life – smart, healthy and happy. Can you help?

Join the contest

Jury's Prize

  1. 1,000€
  2. 750€
  3. 500€

Good luck everyone!


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