Spread the happiness of a home cooked meal with Maggi products!

26 January 2015 - par Aldrich


Hello eYeka,

Happiness is a home-cooked meal, prepared with love and meticulous care. This is true all over the World and especially in Vietnam where mums tend to work from home so that they can also take care of the household. Maggi is a brand of sauces, stocks and seasoning. Maggi products help mothers create great family moments by helping them to express care and love, knowing that the ingredients are safe, natural and make food taste great.

Inspire Vietnamese mums to use Maggi products when preparing family meals to spread the happiness of a home-cooked meal, prepared with love and meticulous care, through a poster and some digital campaign or activation idea.

Format: PDF presentation – Max 5 pages

Click here to read the brief and participate!

There will be 3 winners with a total prize of  5,000:

  • #1 Prize 3,000€
  • #2 Prize 1,500€
  • #3 Prize 500€

Get creative and submit your entries by 15 February 2015! Looking forward to seeing your entries! :)

Revolutionize how we drink beer!

19 January 2015 - par xuan


You belong to the creative generation, the one who dares to challenge conventions and disrupt. Think of how Sodastream changed the way we buy soft drinks by allowing people to make their own at home. Or how SouthWest Airlines revolutionize the airline industry by removing all the thrills to make flying affordable for all. Or how Facebook changed the way you make friends and stay in touch forever. What about beer?

Disrupt the beer industry with a revolutionary idea for a new beer product (or service) that will make it the drink of choice for people in their 20s.

Click here to view the brief and participate!


There will be 3 winners with a total prize of  5,000:

  • #1 Prize 3,000€
  • #2 Prize 1,500€
  • #3 Prize 500€

Get creative and submit your entries by 8 Mar 2015! Looking forward to seeing your entries! :)

Bref boys! Pitch us the story of your future winning saga!

16 January 2015 - par Ekaterina Pashina

Hi eYeka,
Bref wants to develop the next viral hit with you and today we launch a totally new exciting contest! Brand wants eYeka creators to imagine stories around one of the two big ideas described further down and “pitch” these stories to them.
The goal of this contest is to select three finalists who will shoot their videos for Bref.
How does it work? After reading the full brief, you will come up with a story for Bref and pitch it to us, through a video. In order to help us understand the storyline, please show us a storyboard (sketches, pictures) of what the scene would look like.  We will select the best ones and the Brand will pick three finalists. Those three finalists will get production grants (5,000 euros each) that they can use to produce the videos and pay the 4 sexy boys that will star in this video. The finalists selected to produce the videos have a chance to win a prize (Final prizes are 10,000, 6,000 and 3,000 euros for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places).
Invent a story about Bref and the four sexy boys and “pitch” it to us, to let us know what your final video will look like.

FORMAT: Pitch video featuring storyboards or pictures.

Click here to read the full brief!

Jury’s Prize

  • #1 Prize €10,000
  • #2 Prize €6,000
  • #3 Prize €3,000

Jury’s grants

  • #1 Prize €5,000
  • #2 Prize €5,000
  • #3 Prize €5,000

This is a new format on eYeka so do not hesitate to send your questions to us to support-en@eyeka.com or in the Help Center.

We will be accepting your entries till February 01, 2015 23:59 UTC!

Good luck!

Go wild with Pringles match of Sour Cream & Chili!

15 January 2015 - par Aldrich

Pringles new flavor video

Hello eYeka,

Pringles decided to go wild and combine two completely opposite flavors but that create a festival of deliciousness when combined – Chili & Sour Cream! This mix of two opposite flavors – the creamy sour cream and the hint of chili is completely unexpected but it works! The two flavors bring out the best of one another.

Your job is to get the word out by creating a story that is very surprising and entertaining. Focus on the unlikely match of flavors, and how it works, even though it’s not an expected combination. Tell it in a way that would get people to notice the new flavor, crave for it and TRY IT.

Format: Video or animation – 45 seconds max

Click here to read the brief and participate!

There will be 3 winners with a total prize of  10,000:

  • #1 Prize 5,000€
  • #2 Prize 3,000€
  • #3 Prize 2,000€

Get creative and submit your entries by 25 February 2015! Looking forward to seeing your entries! :)

Show your support to creativity and freedom of speech – #jesuischarlie

8 January 2015 - par Natasha

JeSuisCharlie - launched Jan2015

On January 7th, an attack occurred in Paris, at the office of Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical newspaper. Terrorists killed 12 persons, among which were cartoonists, journalists and policemen, and wounded 10 others.

Since then, the world is shocked and beyond the borders of France, people react and share their emotions. The words “Je suis Charlie”, French for “I am Charlie”, have been used by people to pay tribute to the people killed and to show support to the newspaper. Many people have replaced their profile picture by a black image with these words.

At eYeka we are Charlie too!

We believe creativity has amazing powers. Since the beginning we give a voice to all creators and today we’d like to allow you to express your feelings about freedom of speech, about free press and about how creativity can set us free.

In a drawing, a cartoon or a poster, share with us your thoughts and feelings about the freedom to create.

I would like to participate

There is no prize money to win. This contest is the opportunity to share your thoughts and fight, pacifically for something we all believe in.

We will send your images to Charlie Hebdo, to show them your support. We will also publish the best ones in a dedicated post on social networks.

Upload your entries before January 18th!

So set your imagination free and create, because that’s what we do best!

Reinvent Breakfast with Quaker!

7 January 2015 - par Natasha

QuakerStila - launched Jan2015


You’ve probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Regardless of age, everyone needs to eat something nutritious and energetic to start the day in the best possible way. Even better if it is also delicious! Can you create an innovative idea for a healthy, energetic and delicious ready-to-eat product for Quaker and Stila that you can have for breakfast?

Come up with ideas for the next generation of healthy and ready-to-eat breakfast products for Quaker and Stila through text and illustrations! 

Help us get new ideas on how these breakfast products can be surprisingly great for you and will make you start your day in the best possible way.

Learn more about this contest 

Submit your entry before January 28 and win up to €5.500!

  • #1 prize: €3.000
  • #2 prize: €1.400
  • #3 prize: €600
  • #4 prize: €500

We wish you good luck!


Creator of January: Holly McAlister

6 January 2015 - par xuan

Dear creators:

First of all we would like to wish you a Happy New Year for 2015, with many successful projects and great surprises through the year!

For the start of this year, we want you to meet our extraordinary creator Holly McAlister a.k.a AnnaNThang on eYeka. We are sure you have seen this name several times as she has won 19 prizes so far. How talented! Let’s see what she said and learn her secret know-how to win in eYeka contests:


Hello! My name is Holly McAlister. I’m a native Californian and live in the foothills of Napa. Nature, wine and the seasonal colors of this vineyard region drive my creativity.

I’ve worked as a visual designer for over 15 years in advertising agencies and marketing departments, designing for major, nationwide clients. My Bachelor’s degree is in Anthropology and Art, where I thrived creating oil and acrylic paintings and learning all I could about ancient cultures.

You have been with eYeka for nearly 3 years now. May I know how did you find out eYeka at that time and why did you decide to participate in the eYeka contest?

I learned about eYeka through word of mouth from a fellow designer. I spotted a design challenge contest that I had immediate ideas for and got straight to work. The rest is history.

Can you share with us your creative process? How do you work usually?

My creative process always starts with research. I like to see what the client company has tried in the past to get a sense for their style. I’m a classic early bird and love starting creative work in the mornings with a solid pot of coffee and some Nordic ambient music.

It takes me anywhere from a few hours to a week to complete a project. What matters most to me is nailing the underlying concept to pitch. I typically think about the design approach away from my computer so that when I’m ready to work I can just start playing with graphics, colors and composition.

Did you realize that you won 19 prizes in total in eYeka? Well done for the great works! Do you have any tips or suggestions to your fellow creators so they can learn something from you?

Ha! Absolutely. Yes, I do realize I’ve won 19 prizes! I remember every single submission.

My advice to fellow creators is to only work on ideas that they’re truly passionate about. It’s also important to research your target company; it’s not about you, it’s about them.

Lastly, be original, which means finding your own unique inspiration sources and branching out from there, not building on others’ ideas.

Remember, eYeka brings in big brands and their marketing teams have seen it all — strive to surprise them!

Thank you for sharing the advice! Since you have been with eYeka for quite a long time, can you also share with us your overall experience with eYeka and what are the things you think eYeka can be improved in the future?

Working as a designer with eYeka has definitely changed my life. I love the design challenges and the quality of brands represented on eYeka. For me, eYeka is my happy place full of excitement, possibilities and challenge.

eYeka is a client-driven, work-oriented platform, which means all the energy I put out can be focused on design. Other design platforms center around community votes, ratings, feedback and sometimes this leads to popularity contests or copying.  eYeka focuses on the client, which is just my style.

Among all of your great designs, your Doncafe entry impressed us the most – as the brand used your design and made it into real packaging! Can you share the story with the community?


I had a wonderful experience working with Doncafe to develop my winning ideas into final packaging. I expect my Doncafe packaging samples any day now and I’m so excited to see them in real life.

I consider winning the Doncafe contest as one of my greatest design achievements, especially since I have a special fondness for the art of coffee.

Lastly, can you share with us your inspiration and your favorite artist?

My classic inspirations tend to come from nature: rolling green hills, Pinot Noir, thunderstorms in the middle of New Mexico, animals and the Aurora Borealis.

My favorite artist is Andy Warhol. No explanation needed!

Thank you Holly for sharing with us your story. We look forward to seeing more of your great works and wish you best of luck in 2015! :)


Nescafe: Strong coffee for strong men!

5 January 2015 - par Aldrich

Nescafe Viet

Hello eYeka,

You know those men that women adore and other men want to be their friends? They are witty and confident, they radiate strong vibes and are successful in every aspect of their life.

These men need a strong coffee to match their powerful personality and that’s why they always choose NESCAFÉ CAFÉ VIỆT. It’s a strong, elegant, full-bodied coffee that gives them that strong kick they need.

You are needed to help Nescafe Vietnam find new ways of conveying the message that Strong coffee for Strong Men and make men want to be part of the NESCAFÉ CAFÉ VIỆT world.

Format: Presentation with text and illustrations (maximum 6 pages of PDF)

Click here to read the brief and participate!

There will be 3 winners with a total prize of  5,500:

  • #1 Prize 3,000€
  • #2 Prize 1,500€
  • #3 Prize 1,000€

Get creative and submit your entries by 25 January 2015! Looking forward to seeing your entries! :)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

31 December 2014 - par Ekaterina Pashina

HAPPY-NEW-YEAR-2015Dear Creators on eYeka!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We would like to thank each and everyone of you for this great year full of creativity and talent that you shared and for all your great ideas and hard work! There were so many beautiful, groundbreaking and innovative ideas, designs and videos! During 2014  we launched 132 contests and awarded  more than 380 prizes to the creators from all over the world! Isn’t it an amazing result of the year?

Before we begin new exciting year let’s look back at the past contests and at the great work you created in 2014!

You created beautiful videos about your favorite European cities for Eurostar Stories campaign

“Une ballade en Asie” – 3 Prize –  by FFC


You helped A Venerable Brand Reconnect With Millenials in Australia Post contest!

“Now it’s my turn” – 1 Prize – by totalfilmsprod


You showed that TV can be cool again in Panasonic 4K TV contest

“Dance FX” – 1 Prize by niwina

“A Tiger in the Living Room” – 2 Prize by JulianCa


You contributed to the fight against AIDS

“Mets un Fémidom” – 1 Prize by niwina


You inspired us with your stories about how little help can lead to a happy outcome in Metlife Alico contest

“Old Umbrella” – 1 Prize by keisukeitoc


You showed that your future starts today in SK-II contest

“Future me” – 2 Prize by Oblikovsky


And of course, besides videos and animations, you created amazing products and campaign ideas, print ads, graphic designs. Like this package design for Doncafe which is already available in the shops!

doncafe 1

1 Prize – design by AnnaNThang


This post can be endless and of course there were a lot, a lot more amazing and bright creations from all of you during 2014. From all eYeka team and all the brands who organized contests during this year we want to say “Thank you” for your endless creativity and passion!

We wish you a very happy Year ahead full of bright discoveries, victories and creative adventures on eYeka as well as outside of our creative playground!

See you next year! ;)


Entice Japanese women to change “kawaii” to beautifully strong!

24 December 2014 - par Aldrich

Clear Japan Video

Hello eYeka,

When a woman in her twenties gets into her thirties, she does not want to be “kawaii” anymore (“kawaii” means “cute” in Japanese). She wants to be a woman who has strength of character, confident about who she is and what she wants while being beautiful, elegant and feminine. And the most powerful symbol of her new found strength, as a woman is her hair. CLEAR shampoo provides deep nourishment for women’s hair from the scalp to give them hair that is genuinely strong, beautiful and exudes confidence and style.

Show Japanese women that it is time to move on from “kawaii” (cute) with strong, beautiful hair in a bold, dynamic, stylish and very creative story.

Format: Video 30 secs.

Click here to read the brief and participate!

There will be 3 winners with a total prize of  10,000:

  • #1 Prize 5,000€
  • #2 Prize 3,000€
  • #3 Prize 2,000€

Get creative and submit your entries by 1 February 2015! Looking forward to seeing your entries! :)