What exciting, delightful new product could you create with chilled dough?

17 April 2014 - par Ekaterina Pashina

Chilled dough is a very cool product. It is a ready-to-use, thick malleable dough made of water and flour. You don’t need to add anything to use it and it is a time-saving solution. With chilled dough you can easily make pies and pizzas, cookies and cakes. What’s great about chilled dough is that people can add their personal touch. They can either use the dough straightaway, and cook it or bake it, or they can add ingredients to make their own dish.

Chilled dough is such a versatile product… Create a new, easy and ready to use chilled dough product to delight amateur bakers and food lovers.

Format: Presentations with illustrations and text, max. 3 pages (PDF only)

Click here to read the full brief and participate!

5 best ideas will be awarded:

  • #1 Prize €4,000
  • #2 Prize €2,000
  • #3 Prize €2,000
  • #4 Prize €1,000
  • #5 Prize €1,000

Send us your ideas before 18th of May 2014! Shake up the world of chilled dough! :)

Winners of Doritos video contest!

17 April 2014 - par Ekaterina Pashina


Dear creators!

Today we are glad to announce the results of Doritos video contest, in which we asked you to create a surprising video with a viral potential featuring people doing something BOLD. The best videos will be posted on Doritos’s YouTube channel in Mexico which has a wide audience of nearly 4 million viewers!

Here is the general feedback from the client:

We would like to thank all the participants; we liked your videos a lot, but unfortunately we can only choose 3. Best luck in the next one!

Now let’s welcome the winners:

1st Prize (10,000€) goes to robinwatine (France) for My Nominations

Praise from client: We truly loved the positive message that the video is trying to spread, We believe that the idea has potential to be exploited globally and the essence of the brand is taken to another level, yet the bold spirit is still there. We also believe that this idea can be taken to other platforms and become more relevant to the audience of Doritos.

I’ve known about eYeka by chance, I was looking for some film contest to take part of, and I ended in your website in my researches. I found it a really good thing, as it gives everyone a chance to prove his capacities. It is the first contest I ever participated in, and to be honest, there was a guy in my cinema school who won a video contest and everyone was talking about it, I took it kind of like a challenge and that put me into it, I think it is the first time I’m proud of my jealousy. I was reading about different contests on eYeka’s website and this one gave me various ideas, very different to the one I ended producing, but that’s the one that inspired me the most at that time. And there was this idea I had some time ago to prove people that we could change things very easily and that there are cool ways to do it. That was the contest that matched the most with this idea.

2nd Prize (6,000€) goes to emilythehiott (USA) for Bold Move

Praise from client: This entry shows a fun way of being bold. We really liked the way they take the boldness in a silly yet cool way. The essence of the brand is there and communicates clearly with the audience leaving a remembrance of the video.

I chose to do the eYeka Doritos contest because it was presented in a very straight-forward way that felt creatively encouraging and not intimidating, unlike other video contests I had explored on other websites. I really enjoy the creative challenge. It makes me think in ways that I’m not accustomed to, gets me out of my comfort zone. Plus, they’re prime opportunities for budding filmmakers like myself to bulk up their resumes. I’ve always appreciated Doritos’ fun, authentic brand personality (and their product, Cool Ranch for life) and how they use humor to connect with their audience. Comedy is my sweet spot, so I really wanted to try and deliver something that would reflect their sense of humor. When i learned that I won I hyperventilated for like 5 minutes and then praised God and then had a dance party with my roommates. I was so humbled and honored. I really was not expecting to win anything. I’m just a college student who likes to make movies, so this is a really huge honor for me. Don’t EVER let fear or insecurities hold you back. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain, and eYeka is an incredible platform to exercise your creativity with the support of a community that you can learn from and even collaborate with.

3rd Prize (4,000€) goes to davidcordova (Mexico) for Freestyle Futbol

Praise from client: We really loved this video. Well it shows in a very entertaining way the Bold feeling of the brand. It chooses the right moment to talk about football and brings it in the urban land – a land that Doritos has been able to perfectly capitalize. We also want to congratulate you for your talent, well it must not be easy to achieve doing those stunts.

Doritos and eYeka would like to thank all the participants of the contest!

Great news! Soon Doritos is launching a new video contest on eYeka! This time the brand wants you to focus more on social moments. Stay tuned! ;)

See you soon on eYeka!

Help people in their fifties have a better life with Nestlé!

15 April 2014 - par Aldrich

Good lifers

Hello eYeka,

“Good lifers” are the generation of men and women in their fifties who are embarking on a new chapter of their life. Their children have moved out of home and they are serenely contemplating retirement. They have a lot of money to spend, are very mobile and active, have plenty of interests and energy and feel 10 years younger.

Yet something is spoiling the picture… Physical aging!

Around 50 years, you might know that a healthy diet and exercising is crucial, you do not know exactly what to do and how to integrate it in your daily life.

Nestlé is committed to provide people with the best food and drink products at all times. To help this generation of “Good-Lifers”, Nestlé believes that it needs to provide these men and women with a value-adding holistic solution that will enhance their quality of life. But what?

Show us how Nestlé can help “Good-lifers” make the most of their life through an innovative and groundbreaking idea for products, services or devices focused on health and nutrition.

Format: Presentations with illustrations and text, max. 5 pages (PDF only)

Click here to read the brief and participate!


There will be 5 winners with a total prize of  10,000:

  • #1 Prize 4,000€
  • #2 Prize 2,000€
  • #3 Prize 2,000€
  • #4 Prize 1,000€
  • #5 Prize 1,000€

Get creative and submit your entries by Tuesday, 13th May 2014! Looking forward to seeing your entries! :)

You created the new generation of Lay’s!

10 April 2014 - par Ekaterina Pashina



Dear eYeka,

Today we are happy to announce the results of Lay’s Microwave contest, in which we asked you to create a new microwavable potato-based food product that the whole family will enjoy sharing at snack times.

Here is the message to all the participants from Lay’s:

The Lay’s team were delighted with the breadth and quality of the entries received and the passion shown for how we can extend Lay’s into new eating experiences. We are looking forward to researching our nominated winners with our consumers to understand how we can truly push innovation on Lay’s to the next level.

And now lets welcome the winners!  You can see that the client is happy with the results by the amount of the additional prizes. ;)

1st Prize (3000€) goes to laurybonjean (France) for  Stick up! lays

Praise from client: At the heart of the Lay’s sharing experience by offering a way for people to share the great taste of Lay’s in a new format with individual tailoring to their own tastes via unique dips.

2nd Prize (1500€) goes to 000 (USA) for Hot Potato Twists

Praise from client: A unique crispy potato experience that offers theatre and fun to consumers by transforming in the microwave.

3rd Prize (500€) goes to toucan (USA) for Wild West Wedges

Praise from client: A unique twist on the potato chip by offering consumers a way to transform them into a fun snack for sharing in the microwave

I am surprised and delighted to have been rewarded for my effort.  I thank Eyeka for the opportunity to have participated and I look forward to more creative fun in the future.

Additional prizes (500€):

billyfabianto (Indonesia) for Billy Fabianto

Praise from client: A way to deliver very differentiated snack experiences.

I know eYeka from a friend. I never took it seriously until a close friend of mine won a contest last year. I participate in contests because I find it challenging. I love designing things and putting ideas into something more tangible. eYeka contests give me chances to be creative outside my regular job. It gives the fun as well as the challenge I need in my life without going to far from my computer (haha). I love Lays. It’s one of my favourite snacks. So when the contest  notification came through my email, I feel that I have to participate. It triggers my curiosity about what else can you make from a potato from snack. This is my first prize so I’m super excited when I found out I won. I didn’t expect it at all.

Gilower (Spain) for Lays Hot Chippers

Praise from client: A really innovative packaging idea that enables sharing direct from the pack.

ram (Philippines) for The Sweet Potato

Praise from client: A unique idea that could be used for communication of the enjoyment that Lay’s brings our consumers around the world.

We had fun coming up with a new concept particularly creating name studies :)

Thank you all the winners and of course ll the participants of this contest! We are looking forward to seeing your ideas on the shelves of the supermarkets! :)

Good luck!


Winners for eBay Collections contest!

10 April 2014 - par Aldrich


Hello eYeka,

Today we want to announce the winners for eBay Collections contest whereby we ask you to introduce eBay Collections and encourage people to use it, in a nice visual with text. Even though this is a new feature, you managed to come out with innovative promotional ideas that impressed the client. Well done!

Here is the client’s feedback:

Thank you all for your ideas and creative executions. We were very pleased to see so many different ways how you could talk about collections. There were many insights in behind the ideas we did not think off. Well done!!!!

Now, let us look at the winners for this contest with some comments:

1st Prize (EUR 4,000) - Kliment (Bulgaria) with Follow

Client: This was the strongest execution. Very simple and to the point. We really liked this one.

I was amazed and very happy! Deep down inside I knew I had it – simple and right to the point. Cheers to all the other finalists for the good work and the rest of the participants, eYeka team and of course thanks to eBay for choosing my entry as the winner.

2nd Prize (EUR 2,000) – Srcharls (Mexico) with Someone else likes what you like

Client: There is a strong insight behind this and we really like the headline. It has a potential to turned into many different executions based on your passion.

I felt excited to develop eBay’s proposal, a world famous company deserves a good idea and when you are creating the important thing is never to stop or limit yourself. eYeka is an amazing platform because there are no restrictions for imagination and creativity. Greetings from Mexico.

3rd Prize (EUR 1,000) - Serafin (France) with You are inspiring

Client: This one is very creative and inspiring. What I like on this one is that it talks about collections in a “sharing” and “curating” way.


4th Prize (EUR 500) - Kerubin (Singapore) with Powered by the World

Client: Very strong insight behind this one. We really like it. There are emotions, but it is also very functional execution.

Have fun in what you do fellow eyeka mates! Hard work pays off all the time.

Additional Prize (EUR 500) - AnnaNThang (United States) with My Obsession is…

Client: This one is a very powerful one – very strong insight and nice execution. It is very similar to the passion – which was our original idea. Great job!

I was very happy and surprised to be included for an additional prize for this contest! There were many great submissions which fulfilled the brief in original ways. I was unaware of the eBay collections before this contest and can really see the benefit of such a tool. I wanted to portray it as something for very unique and eclectic people who like to show who they are through their collection. Thank you ebay for selecting my entry as one of the winners! Much appreciated :) ! And thank you eYeka for existing. Such a wonderful platform with the biggest clients in the world.


Congratulations to the winners and thank you all the participants for your creative ideas! :)


We are happy to announce the MetLife Alico contest results!

10 April 2014 - par xuan

Metlife-Alico (1)


Dear creators,

We would like to thank you for your incredible videos for this MetLife Alico contest in which we asked you to tell us how a little help from others can unexpectedly lead to a happy outcome.

We are moved by your stories and you can see client’s comment below:

“We are happy to announce the winners of MetLife Alico contest. We received a quite a large number of heartwarming, humorous, challenging, and excellent entries”

So now is time to discover the winner and you can see some personal feedback from the client below:

1st Prize (EUR 11,000) - keisukeitoc (Japan) with Old Umbrella

“While achieving extremely high-quality, this animation work creates perfect balance between visual and audio. By casting robots as lead characters, it exquisitely portrayed their emotional change with tactful use of lightning. It is selected as a winning entry due to its unique interpretation and expression of “how a little help can create a dramatic and happy outcome”.”

I’m a freelance filmmaker.  I do the whole process by myself.

Winning is so wonderful. Actually, It was my first participation in eYeka. So, I still can’t believe it! I got big motivation for continuing to make some original movies. Thanks a lot.

2nd Prize (EUR 6,000) - hunterhopewell (USA) with Pink Elephant

“This entry uniquely depicts the message” a little help can bring happiness to somebody else” through an ordinary event that everyone has experienced and it should certainly resonate with viewers. It is highly evaluated and selected as winning entry for its universal humor and overall cheerful tone. ”

I found out about eYeka through OnlineVideoContests.com. Along with eYeka, it’s a terrific website for any filmmaker. As a freshman film major at UNLV, eYeka has presented me with awesome opportunities to make a name for myself as a young filmmaker, and I am very appreciative of this.

For any creators out there, let me offer this advice. Do not get discouraged and always keep trying. Even if you think you will not win a contest, create a submission anyway. Your chances are probably much better than you think. Do not sell yourself short because 100% of the time that you do not submit, you will not win. It’s one of the most rewarding feelings to have your work acknowledged through these contests.

I was ecstatic when I found out. I was sitting in my Intro to Astronomy lecture and almost jumped out of my seat. I cannot thank eYeka and MetLife enough. I’m going to be able to use this money to buy additional film equipment in order to make more, greater films in the future. eYeka, you rock! I look forward to creating more with you. Thank you.

3rd Prize (EUR 3,000) - ShoFujii (Japan) with The worst yet the best day

“The visual quality is high, created with the storyline that anyone can related to. The video is highly evaluated and selected as a winning entry for its fantastic storyline brilliantly portraying an unexpected help  instantly turns her anxiety living in a foreign country into a hope.”

I’m a freelance filmmaker but I also go to Digital Hollywood Graduate School and my supervisor there introduced me the contest.

My tips to other creators: I believe the most important thing is to know what the companies are looking for in each contest. Read through summary as well as the company
website very carefully and try to understand what kind of images they would want.

The greatest thing about eYeka contest is the prize. You might receive honor and fame if you win film festivals, but to be realistic, it costs a lot to make a film and you cannot be a low budget filmmaker forever. Of course there are regulations and it’s not easy to make films that the companies are looking for, but I will definitely keep participating in other contests.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you all the participants for your inspirational videos!

“Let’s Make Time Together” contest winners!

10 April 2014 - par xuan


“Let’s make time together” is a fun contest which we asked you to create a series of creative artwork representing the 10 Arabic numerals (from 0 to 9) to show us that numerals can tell meaningful stories and express passion and emotions.

We accepted nearly 300 entries for this contest and all of them are very creative! we would like to thank all the participants for your time and effort.

Here’s the message that the jury wants to share with all of you:

“We are deeply moved by the huge number of the artworks that are developed by creators globally. We deeply appreciate all participants join the contest. We realized the value of co creation.”

So here are the winners chosen by the client, you can see the jury’s comments and winners’ comments below, some of the winners also shared their tips with you! :)

1st Prize (2000€) goes to happiestfung (Hong Kong) for Childhood Numbers Heros
“A series of the numbers’ design are very unique and fun. We evaluate the originality and creativity. Additionally, we find some elements that describe the country’s characteristic where the creator lives with enjoyment.”

happiestfung didn’t share any comments yet.

2nd Prize (1000€) goes to karen_key (Mexico) for Little Tales about Arabic Numbers
“It has originality and narrativity.The creator’s sense about way of using color is tremendous. Additionally, we highly evaluate a variety of ideas on how you can create the numbers.”

It was a big surprise to have been selected as the Second Prize in this contest. It was my first participation in eYeka and this makes me really happy!
A friend of mine introduced eYeka to me a while ago,  finally I could make some time and participate in this cool contest.

Thanks eYeka for the great organization and thanks to the client of ” Let’s Make Time Together” Contest!!

3rd Prize (500€) goes to harwicre8hinx (Indonesia) for wayang paradise
“Does the creator use Indonesian traditional art as motif? We love the point that the creator create the number by fusing modern sense into the traditional art. We expected eYeka’s creators to create the number in that way.”

Some friends also ask me about the tips to win in eYeka contest, well… my answer is simple but hard to do… :) I think you should think the best, never feel satisfied on your work easily, push yourself till you get the work done, not just make the work different, but make it extraordinary. You can also learn from the best brands in the world on how they blow your mind with their creativity and outstanding ideas. You can combine them all and add your own ‘taste’…it will be your unique work and simply the best.

After winning the contest, I feel more confident. I will keep this track, because I know it’s the right path to take the challenge and get the chance to win more and more. Thanks eYeka for this opportunity, eYeka is the best place for the creatives for sharing their best ideas to the world!

4th Prize (500€) goes to srcharls (Mexico) for True Ancient Emperors
“We love the creative idea that uses ancient civilization as motif.”

I was searching for website that could help me potentiate my creativity, stimulate ingenuity and also provide chance to win a prize, then I found eYeka.

My tips is: I think when you have an idea, you should not limit yourself to think it is bad or not, you should do it or make it, you never know what could be the winning idea.

Winning in eYeka competition means getting involved with the  famous brands in the real world and it is also an emotion that cannot be contained.

5th Prize (500€) goes to ypp1117 (China) for Food digital
“We got a lot of artwork which motif is food. Among them, this art work stands out from a perspective of high quality design and illustration.”

I have many ideas for this contest, but I didn’t have enough time, so I only created one entry to participate.

I am a foodie and enjoy eating different kinds of food, so I took food as inspiration and created the entry with many foods. The more I created, the more I felt inspired. It’s a pity that we can only create 10 numbers, because I want to express more with other foods.

Lastly, I want to say thanks to eYeka!

6th Prize (500€) goes to cristinarovirabcn (Spain) for LOS NÚMEROS NO TIENEN FRÍO
“We were moved by this heartwarming artwork. We felt like we read a picture book.”

This is the first time I’ve participated in eYeka contest and I won. I found the contest through a colleague.

I work as Art Director in a multinational advertising agency. And I was delighted to receive the prize. I will continue participating.
Thanks for everything!

7th Prize (500€) goes to marcustolan (UK) for  Number Words
“Combination between numbers and words creates the unexpected humorous creativity.”

Winning contests on eYeka boosts my enthusiasm to work on new creative projects. They are an opportunity to test my ability to interpret actual creative briefs from major brands and organisations, and to learn and improve from that experience. In some contests you can see the entries of other participants and this allows me to compare how they have responded to a brief with my own response, in terms of concept, style and quality of execution.

My tips to other creators: Look beyond the brief but don’t ignore it, and don’t pick your first idea.

8th Prize (500€) goes to rodrigocarbajalmas (Peru) for Techno-Moche recicled numbers
“We evaluate an original technique and narrativity.”

I found eYeka by searching on the web for video contest.
My tips to other creators: you should participate as much as possible in eYeka contests!

I feel it is very positive to participate and win on eYeka contest. This inspires you to keep on creating and producing.

9th Prize (500€) goes to ausiasperez (Spain) for La casa egipcia – Ausias Pérez
“We love the delicate design with intelligence.”

A friend noticed me about eYeka and I came straight to the website to check it out. I was very happy when I was noticed for the winning, I will celebrate it for
sure! Thanks eYeka!

My tips to other creators: You should participate, it’s a very nice way to share your work and learn about how other people working on the same field  work.

10th Prize (500€) goes to Giuliano_Grimaldi (Italy) for 3D wildstyle sculptures
“We’re amazed by the high quality design.”

Giuliano_Grimaldi didn’t share the comment yet.

Congrats to the 10 winners! We would like to thank you all the participants again for your creative entries! :D

Wow you can now share data plan with others!

9 April 2014 - par Aldrich

Data-sharing plan

Hello eYeka,

A telecommunications operator wants to launch an innovative, compelling and cost-effective data-sharing plan. Subscribers will be able to share data among their own mobile devices (so that only one subscription applies to all their devices), and even with those of their family or friends. With this plan, data can travel better among multiple devices from different users , bringing big or small changes to our lives.

Through an innovative, appealing and insightful print ad, show us how such data-sharing plan can wow people and have a compelling impact on their lives and make them want to subscribe. Please describe in writing the ideal product features you have in mind on a separate page.

Format: Photo, illustration or print in 2 pages (one page for the print ad, one page for the product feature)

Click here to read the brief and participate!


There will be 3 winners with a total prize of  5,000:

  • #1 Prize 3,000€
  • #2 Prize 1,500€
  • #3 Prize 500€

Get creative and submit your entries by Wednesday, 30th April 2014! Looking forward to seeing your entries! :)

Create a poster that makes a shopping center feel like “Your Place”

7 April 2014 - par Prisca


The ideal shopping mall is a place where we see familiar faces and have our little habits, while seeking new stimulations in our lives. It is a place that understands your daily life’s little hopes and struggles, your little quirks, what makes you tick and wonder… where you can be yourself while feeling a sense of belonging to a local community. How could we convey that in a poster that could be used in a campaign to promote a range of shopping malls and shops?

Create an original poster with one strong visual to show that your shopping centre understands your little quirks, habits and wonders so well that it is YOUR PLACE.

FORMAT: Photo, illustration or print with explanation


Click here to read the brief and participate!!


Prize: 7000€

  • #1 Prize €4,000
  • #2 Prize €2,000
  • #3 Prize €1,000

Good luck everyone !!

Here’s the results for Milner Cheese contest!

3 April 2014 - par Aldrich

Milner Cheese

Hello eYeka,

Today we want to announce the winners for Milner Cheese contest whereby we ask you to show us in a creative, clever and entertaining video that surprisingly, with Milner, you no longer need to compromise between taste and health. There were quite a few restrictions for this contest but you managed to overcome them and impressed us with your entertaining videos. Well done!

Here is the client’s feedback:

Thank you all for contributing to this contest. It has opened our eyes to the creative potential of cheese, and more specifically, Milner cheese, with its dual benefit of taste & health. Most of the entries were able to communicate both taste & healthy living, which is not an easy job. It’s all too easy to fall into the “compromise” area, and quite hard to successfully deliver “No Compromise.” It was also refreshing to see that a tasty & healthy food product can do humor & entertainment successfully. We are learning that this extroverted tone & manner can help dial up the taste communication for Milner.

Now, let us look at the winners for this contest with some comments from clients:

1st Prize (EUR 5,000) - Geraldroebroeks (Netherlands) with Milner: You can have it all!

Client: You nailed Milner’s duality in an unexpected, head turning and positive way that is universally understood by both men & women. Your video also made us realize that Milner must be more daring, if we want consumers to think the impossible is possible! Thank you for the inspiration.

I am delighted to have been selected as the winner of the Milner contest. I have only started filming less than a year ago and to have this success already is just amazing. I am also very grateful to the actors who were able to participate on extremely short notice. Finally I must thank the staff at Eyeka. First of all for organizing these contests but also for their feedback on my ideas. I think this is what sets Eyeka apart from it’s competitors. 

2nd Prize (EUR 3,000) - Beau (United Kingdom) with In Bulk

Client: We thought it was refreshing to mix up category codes like you did. Milner should dare more. And, we especially liked the creative device of using the “heart beating close-up” to communicate the Milner duality: taste excitement & healthy living.

Improvising with no budget whatsoever, my brother was my model and my living room was the set. Shot in a single evening, this prize has made my dream come true of moving to London.

3rd Prize (EUR 2,000) - Staylor (United Kingdom) with Pied Piper Not Needed

Client: The storyline communicates Milner’s duality in a unique and entertaining way. The fact that there is a population explosion of mice because they love Milner cheese is simply genius!

What a surprise. I have entered lots of eYeka contests but have never won anything until now. Being nearly 65 years old, does that makes me one of the oldest winners? My wife may let me carry on making films now! Thank you.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you all the participants for your creative videos!