NESTEA – Reset Your Day

26 August 2015 - par Natasha

Nestea - launched Aug2015

NESTEA is on a light-hearted ‘social’ mission to help people, especially young adults, to not sweat the small annoying stuff. Thanks to the calming and uplifting power of tea, NESTEA can help us take a step back – help us brush off the daily niggles, instead of letting them get the best of us.

Most people don’t think of tea as this helping hand, but NESTEA wants to change this.

Create a humorous and light-hearted social media post (picture and text) to help NESTEA remind young adults who can’t see past daily niggles that, after all, life is great!

Check this brief

Send us your entries by September 27th and win up to €10,000!


1. €4,000
2. €2,500
3. €2,000
4. €1,000
5. €500

Good luck!

Max out your passions with Duracell-powered entertainment! (Video & Poster)

20 August 2015 - par Aldrich

Duracell Combined

Hi eYeka,

Think of the devices that you seek out when you want to be entertained. So many of them are battery powered, yet nobody thinks about the batteries in them. What if you could have a better entertainment experience by using Duracell batteries in your devices? Smart multi-functional toys perform better with louder sounds, brighter lights, faster movements; game console controllers and hand-held gaming devices are more responsive; portable speakers generate improved sound quality – giving you better entertainment experience and pleasure in the activities you’re passionate about.

Excite us with your ideas that dramatize how Duracell batteries give you greater entertainment experience in the things and activities that you’re passionate about.

Duracell Video €15,000

Duracell Poster €5,000

You can share your ideas through either format of video or poster. It is recommended that you participate in both so that you increase your chance to win a total prize of up to €20,000. Go empower Duracell today!

Pantene: Beautiful hair coloration comes from healthy hair!

13 August 2015 - par Aldrich

Pantene express

Hi eYeka,

Grey hair… Many women want to banish grey hair from sight by coloring their hair, but they don’t understand what can be done to optimize the results.

Actually, it’s simple. To achieve a truly beautiful hair coloration, they need healthy hair first! If hair is unhealthy, with damaging minerals at the core of the hair, the shaft will block the color from penetrating deep inside, resulting in a dull color tone.

This is why Pantene has created a new in-shower Treatment for Colored Hair, with its trusted Pro-V formula that removes these damaging minerals.

Please help us explain this simple truth to women who don’t want to go grey too soon?

Create an attractive poster for Pantene that intuitively shows that beautiful & vivacious hair color can only come from healthy hair.

Format: 1 page poster and 1 page text description.

Read the brief

Send your entries before 23th August and win up to €2,500!

  • #1 prize: €1,500
  • #2 prize: €600
  • #3 prize: €400

Good luck!

Help Cancer Patients contest featured on Shionogi website!

12 August 2015 - par Aldrich

 Help Cancer Patients

Hello eYeka!

Remember Help Cancer Patients contest?  A meaningful contest to encourage cancer patients in Japan to share their pain in order to get better treatment.

There were many inspiring stories for this contest and we are very thankful for all your wonderful videos.

Our client, Shionogi was so delighted with your submissions that they created a website to showcase the winners and some of the best videos here. (the website is in Japanese but trust us that they are all raving good things about your awesome works!)

Here’s the feedback from the Shionogi team:

First, let us express our deep appreciation to many creators who participated to our contest.

As the theme of the contest, sending a message to cancer patients, was challenging and we did not have any information on entries until the closing date of the contest, we were uncertain whether many creators would participate, and what kind of entries would be submitted.

After closing the contest, we are truly delighted to find many high quality and excellent works that blows away our anxiety. We watched all the entries over and over to screen winners. There were many comments and it was extremely difficult to select top three entries. Unfortunately, there were many great entries that were highly evaluated by the Screening Committee besides winners. We will utilize submitted works for our activation to achieve our objective aiming “cancer patients to be released from pain.” Again, thank you very much to all of you who participated to the contest.


Now, let us see the winning videos!

“Be brave to tell”- 1st Prize – Exeas (Lithuania) 

Client comment:

Congratulations on winning the first place. Among many excellent works, your work was significantly impactful. This work ensures to deliver “brave spirit to communicate pains” via unique characters with smooth music. Thank you very much for presenting your fantastic work.


“Honest Answers”- 2nd Prize – dreamcatcher (United States)

Client comment:

Congratulations on winning the second place. Your work is filled with warmth, and it is impressive conveying the message that cancer patients enduring pain could finally communicate his pain with a help of his granddaughter! Thank you very much for presenting your excellent work.


“Now, I can do it”- 3rd Prize – daniel_t (France)

Client comment:

Congratulations on winning the third place. There are patients who cannot talk about pain and suffer and endure from not being able to do things. We believe your work addresses “importance to communicate” to those patients. Tender smile during a nap is very charming. This work should encourage us to keep saying “Now, I can do it!” Thank you very much for presenting us your excellent work.


Thanks all for doing your part to help the cancer patients in Japan. They really appreciate you.

Till next time. Stay awesome!

Invent the next generation of cleaning & disinfecting wipes with Lysol!

7 August 2015 - par Ekaterina Pashina


For Moms & Dads with young children, who take pride in protecting the home from germs & sickness, a clean & disinfected home equals wellbeing. Since they also want to spend as much time as they can with their children, they want a tough, but convenient instant clean & disinfection they can rely on. Grandparents have similar needs when their grandchildren come for a visit, whether for an afternoon or a week.

Lysol’s wipes help both parents & grandparents keep the house clean & germ free, as well as their disposable nature. However, some Moms & Dads see wipes as too expensive, too chemical, not safe, not nice to touch and not environmentally friendly, or think they dry out too much.

Invent the next super convenient solution for surface cleaning and disinfection that will appeal to more parents and grandparents.

Format: Presentation with images and text (PDF, 5 pages maximum.)

Join the contest now!

  • #1 Prize €3,000
  • #2 Prize €1,500
  • #3 Prize €500

Send us your ideas till August 30, 2015 23:59 UTC!

Good luck!

For all those who like sports, this is a new contest for you! ParionsWeb

6 August 2015 - par Natasha

ParionsWeb - launched Aug2015

Bets are an opportunity to live the game to the fullest – a commitment to your favorite team and a way to feel excited during every minute of the match.

ParionsWeb needs your creative thinking to imagine a written scenario for its next online pre roll YouTube video campaign to promote its offer!
It is looking for positive and humorous ideas that will encourage people to subscribe and play on ParionsWeb so that this website becomes the reference for punters during the Rugby World Cup 2015.

Wow us by writing the script of the next pre roll video campaign for ParionsWeb for the Rugby World Cup 2015 that will make this website the reference for punters!

Read this brief while watching a game

Send us your ideas by August 23rd and win up to €6.000!


1. €3.000
2. €1.500
3. €1.000
4. €500

Good luck!

Can you break away from haircare products advertising clichés, in time for summer?

6 August 2015 - par Charlene Ho


Hi eYeka!

Imagine a young woman in her twenties, enjoying summer to its fullest. She spends a lot more time at the beach or pool, having fun, trying new things, and spending time with friends… Summer is a time of pleasure and memorable moments.

Pantene is launching a new limited edition Summer Treatment specially formulated for sun, chlorine, and seawater damaged hair. It penetrates into the hair’s core, locking the moisture in, transforming dehydrated hair into hair that is healthy and lusciously smooth.

In an emotionally evocative and original print ad that breaks with Pantene’s traditional communication, convince young women that Pantene’s new Summer Treatment is a must-have this summer.

Format: 1 page print ad and 1 page text explanations with answers to the questions, maximum 2 pages (PDF).

Read Brief

Send us your entries by Sept 6th and win up to €10,000!


#1 prize: € 4,000

#2 prize: € 2,000

#3 prize: € 2,000

#4 prize: € 1,000

#5 prize: € 1,000

All the best!

August 2015 Creator of the Month – Trisha Mae Laya and Stefan Hemady

4 August 2015 - par Charlene Ho

Hi eYeka!

August is the Sunday of Summer!

And this month, let us get to know Trisha Mae Laya and team mate Stefan Hemady, our August Creator of the Month and 1st prize winner for My McDonald’s  and 2nd-runner up for  Microwavable Cookie contest!  They have won a total of 5 contests in the past 1 year and all are related to food!



Where you are from, your interests, what do you do besides eYeka, and how did you guys met?

Hi!  I’m Trisha and I’m 23 years old and I join eYeka contests with my teammate, Stefan, who is 25 years old.  We are multimedia artists from the Philippines.  My interests includes Harry Potter and Marvel, and Stefan loves DC especially Batman, but eYeka is one thing we have in common.  When we don’t make entries for eYeka, we are working on our day jobs as Graphic Artists, reading lists and articles on the internet, shooting our friends for fun, and creating art and stuff.

Apart from work and eYeka, I also love to make music.  I do lots of cover songs and I write my own songs as well.  You can find some of my cover and original songs on soundcloudyoutube  and bandcamp .

I would also like to share this collaboration I made with Stefan last Christmas.  Our office decided to do an outreach program and we were tasked to come up with a music video.  I wrote the song while Stefan directed the video.


How was your team born, and how did you first find out about eYeka and when was that?  

I actually found out about eYeka through one of my friends back in college.  But at that time, I wasn’t really interested in joining in any contests, and only wanted to see what was going on in eYeka.  So I never really joined any contest that time.  And then I sort of just forgot about it.

Fast forward to 2013, Stefan urged me to join a contest on eYeka.  When I tried to register, to my surprise, it said that I already had an account!  I didn’t get to enter the contest Stefan had suggested, but from then on, I kept an eye on eYeka, until one day, Stefan asked me if we could work on an entry together.

Stefan learned about eYeka last 2013 through our friend and fellow eYeka creator, Ram.  Stefan participated in contests under a different username, and urged me to join in contests as well.  Apart, we never really found any success.  It was only later on that we teamed up as per the advice of one of our friends, hence asking me if I wanted to team up with him on an entry.  It was awkward at first for we weren’t really that close then, but as we continued to join more contests, we became close friends.  Our brainstorms and ideas got better, and our chemistry as a team improved.  

trisha1   trisha2


What motivates you to join contests? We noticed all the contests you have won are related to food. Is there a preference or specialty in this topic? Why?

eYeka became our escape from our daily work.  Aside from the prizes, we were motivated by how fun and exciting it is to come up with ideas for different contests.  And sometimes, even if we don’t win, the kind words and feedbacks from our fellow creators are good enough to motivate us to join other contests.

We participate in every contest that we can, but it just so happens that all of our winning entries were food-related. It actually became a running joke between us.  We’re not really food experts, though Stefan is a microwave chef in the office, and can cook a really mean mug cake!


Can you share your creative process with eYeka contests? 

Well, we start when Stefan bugs me whenever there’s a new contest.  We read the brief, and then try to come up with initial ideas.  If we are confident enough with our ideas, we go on and pursue joining.  Then the actual brainstorm takes place.  The upside of working as a team is that we come up with many ideas, and the brainstorming sessions are more fun and effective, compared to working alone.  We try to shift tasks in every contest so that we could get an equal load of work.


You have been with eYeka for more than a year, may I know if participating or winning on eYeka ever changed your life? What has your eYeka experience brought you?

Of course it changed our lives!  Through eYeka, not only did it give us financial support, but it also served as a way between us to gain friends.  eYeka was the reason Stefan and I became close friends.  It had helped us improve our creative thinking and method, and it gave us a different learning experience.  It also helped us improve our skills by joining different contests and working with brands and companies we would have otherwise never have been able to work with.  And also, having a community give you feedbacks on where to improve also helps us as well.




Please share with us what are the things you like about eYeka and what are the things you think can be improved in the future? 

One thing we like about eYeka is that there are people whom we can get creative critique from about our work through their feedbacks on our entries.  We also love the creative environment, and all the nice staff at eYeka who are very accommodating whenever we have inquiries.  For the improvements, I think eYeka already got it covered.  We just wish that everyone else is having the best experiences in eYeka.


Lastly, can you share with us your inspiration and your future plans?  What advices would you give to new creators? A few words to conclude?

We are inspired by many things, especially the internet.  Everyday there are new, weird, funny and incredible things and it’s up to us on how we want to use them as inspiration.  Aside from that, we also get inspirations from random experiences and conversations between other people.

For future plans, we will still continue joining contests on eYeka.  We’ll use the prize money for household purposes, hold a little celebration, and save some of it for future use. We don’t really have words for everyone that they don’t already know.  We had simple goals: win on contests we joined, and be eYeka’s artists of the month.  And with hard work, inspired minds, and a little bit more push, we’ve achieved it!  And you can too!  Like what Shia LaBeouf said, “Just do it! Make your dreams come true!”




Thanks Trisha and Stefan!  We wish you guys all the best in your future contests in eYeka and we look forward to see more works from you guys!

Contest number 2 for non-traditional families – eYeka Express – Family under Construction

3 August 2015 - par Natasha

Family Under Construction - launched Aug2015

This is the second and last of two contests on the theme of non-traditional families.

Since 1872, Philadelphia cream cheese has, it believes, nurtured these “work-in-progress families” that strive for their values every day. The ideal creaminess of Philadelphia cream cheese brings care to everything we build together.

Can you help Philadelphia nurture these “under-construction” families that constantly do their best every day to build their values?

Despite the challenges that life throws at them, show us how Philadelphia cream cheese helps build non-traditional families that stay together!

Create a poster that includes a visual depicting the family in a situation or moment of your choice and a tagline.

Check the brief while eating Philadelphia!

Send us your entries by August 12th and win up to €3.000!


1. €1.500
2. €1.000
3. €500

Good luck guys!

Hello world, show us the wonders of your city & win €20,000!

3 August 2015 - par Aldrich


Hi eYeka,

Share the favorite spots in your city, the ones that you must take your friends to whenever they come to visit, and help creating lasting travel memories for the visitors who’ll be enticed to visit. Be the expert in your own city and share your knowledge and unique perspective about the best places in your city and those experiences that make your city truly unique.

Surprise travellers with a warm, engaging yet intriguing video featuring your very unique perspective about well-known attractions or hidden gems to instantly give a feel for your city.

Format: Video – 45 seconds.

Read the brief

Send your entries before 13th September and win up to €20,000!

  • #1 prize: €10,000
  • #2 prize: €5,000
  • #3 prize: €3,000
  • #4 prize: €2,000

Good luck!