Entice young coffee lovers to bring café style coffee home!

25 May 2015 - par Aldrich

Nescafe Red Cup Machine

Hi eYeka,

Having your coffee just the way you like it, whenever you want it – that’s almost like having your very own barista at home! How can NESCAFÉ entice young coffee lovers to buy the NESCAFÉ Red Cup Machine and re-create the special café style moments they love, in the comfort of their homes?

Create playful and unexpected activity ideas to convince young coffee lovers to take the NESCAFÉ Red Cup Machine home today.

Format: Presentations with text and visuals (maximum 5 pages PDF)

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Send your entries before June 14 and win up to €7,000!

  • #1 prize: €3,000
  • #2 prize: € 2,000
  • #3 prize: € 1,500
  • #4 prize: € 500

Good luck!

Redesign SK-II Beauty counter & the Pitera™ experience!

22 May 2015 - par Aldrich

SKII PItera counter

Hi eYeka,

How can Pitera™ transform not just your skin but also how you shop? We are looking for creative and original visual expressions of Pitera™ that integrate visuals, experience and product in the way that women shop. Can you change counter design by featuring Pitera™ in a new and interesting way?

Stop women in their tracks by featuring SK-II’s Pitera™ in a visually arresting way that will make them curious to find out more about the brand and its products.

Format: Presentation with text and visuals, maximum 5 pages (PDF).

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Send your entries before June 10 and win up to €8,000!

  • #1 prize: €4,000
  • #2 prize: € 2,000
  • #3 prize: € 2,000
  • #4 prize: € 1,000
  • #5 prize: € 1,000

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New Express contest! Convince people that Downy/Lenor liquid fabric conditioner can help seasonal allergy sufferers!

22 May 2015 - par Ekaterina Pashina

Downy lenorSpring is the time of the year when allergy sufferers will do everything they can to prevent outdoor allergens (like pollen) from coming into their house.

Typically, allergens stick to clothes and are brought into the house. Despite everything people do to protect against allergens, allergy sufferers still feel there are millions of them following them all the time.

Fortunately, there is another way to protect the family against allergens- and not many people know about it! It’s Downy/Lenor liquid fabric conditioner: it coats fabric fibers and creates a layer of protection that actually helps repel allergens from clothes.

Make Downy/Lenor the must-have for allergy sufferers with a visual ad that shows that this liquid fabric conditioner can easily repel allergens from clothes.

Format: Print ad (Photo or illustration with text explanation; 2 pages in total, PDF only).

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  • #1 Prize €1,500
  • #2 Prize €600
  • #3 Prize €400

Send your entries before June 07, 2015 23:59 UTC!

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Help reinvent Knorr Hot Savoury Snacks communication!

22 May 2015 - par Aldrich

Knorr innovation

Hi eYeka,

Harnessing your creativity and imagination, how would you bring fresh thinking back into the way Knorr Hot Savoury Snacks communicates its range of snack foods in a way that is uniquely Knorr? How can you entice and convince people to try its range of snacks and create desire for the brand?

Reinvent the way Knorr Hot Savoury Snacks communicates and get people to try their snack range.

Format: Poster with a tagline, and a page of explanation, maximum 2 pages (PDF).

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Send your entries before June 10 and win up to €5,000!

  • #1 prize: €3,000
  • #2 prize: € 1,500
  • #3 prize: € 500

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Can you breathe creativity into a sanitary pad?

15 May 2015 - par Charlene Ho


Hello eYeka creators,

Masie is a twenty-two year old young woman. She has a bit of a “princess” personality. A single child, she is used to be pampered and to have her own way. But when comes to that time of the month, she does not feel like herself. She feels weighed down, physically and emotionally. She cannot change the fact that she is having her period, so she will try to cheer herself up.

Whisper has a lot to offer Masie, especially with its cotton range that offers great comfort and protection.

Can you make Whisper a creative demo and make it part of a story that will resonate with the lifestyle of a girl like Masie?

Reinvent the way Whisper demonstrates how its sanitary pad works with a layer of creativity, femininity, surprise and emotion to convince Masie that it is the best brand for her.

FORMAT: Video or animation, up to 45 secs.

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Send your entries before 17th June and win up to €17,000!

  • #1 prize: € 6,000
  • #2 prize: € 4,000
  • #3 prize: € 3,000
  • #4 prize: € 2,000
  • #5 prize: € 2,000

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Win the hearts and minds of mums to buy high quality organic baby food

14 May 2015 - par Charlene Ho


Hello eYeka creators,

Welcoming a baby into your life is a miracle … and the start of a challenging adventure. Moms want the best for their babies and want to know they’re doing a good job. But they’re faced with a multitude of nutrition decisions every day, bombarded with conflicting and often confusing information. They have to make decisions with their minds and with their heart on a daily basis. Not all baby food is created equal.

At Gerber, they’ve always believed that little ones deserve high standards, and they understand that Moms only want to feed their babies the very best.

Can you bring Gerber’s proposition to life through a powerful ad that connects emotionally with moms?

Create a print ad that wins the hearts and minds of mums to convince them to buy Gerber Organic baby food.

FORMAT: Print ads, visual and text (1 page PDF for poster + 2nd page for description).

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Send your entries before 3rd June and win up to €6,500!

  • #1 prize: € 3,000
  • #2 prize: € 1,500
  • #3 prize: € 1,000
  • #4 prize: € 500
  • #5 prize: € 500

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Help Knorr create a revolution in Hot Savoury Snacks!

13 May 2015 - par Charlene Ho


Dear eYeka creators,

What do you reach for when taking a quick break at work during a busy day or between classes, when you’re feeling that growl in your tummy? When you need something more filling than just candy?

Revolutionise snacking with a new quick to prepare Knorr Hot Savoury Snack that will make people’s mouths water!

Format: 1 page including 1 visual and 1 paragraph of text (PDF).

Check the full brief 

Send us your entry by May 24th and get in line for the €2.500 prize pool!

  • #1 prize: €1.500
  • #2 prize: €600
  • #3 prize: €400

This is an Express contest! Quick get that creative juice flowing!

In a hurry? New eYeka Express contest for Downy / Lenor Protection

12 May 2015 - par Natasha


Lenor/ Downy does two things:

  • it protects clothing inside the wash from damage, distortion, and fading, and
  • it protects clothing outside of the wash from the accumulation of bad odors on clothes.

How could you express one or the other benefit creatively in a print ad?

Create an impactful print ad that brings to life how Lenor/Downy protects fabric OR prevents bad odors from clinging to clothes and neutralizes them. 

The idea is NOT to find a way to combine these two benefits into one print. Just pick ONE benefit.

Check the full brief 

Send us your poster by May 24th and get in line for the €2.500 prize pool!

  • #1 prize: €1.500
  • #2 prize: €600
  • #3 prize: €400

Good luck and hurry! This is an Express contest! Do not miss the opportunity!

Show the world how mischievous, entertaining and clever your cat is!

12 May 2015 - par Charlene Ho


Hi eYeka,

What does the world look like from the point of view of a clever cat? Or what antics and mischievous little things does he get up to that really shows off his character and personality as the loveable, clever cat that he is?

FELIX cat food is irresistibly tasty, and Felix will do anything for his As Good As It Looks™ meaty chunks in jelly. He loves it for its delicious taste and is up to his usual loveable mischief when he is happy, healthy and satisfied.

The PURINA FELIX team wants your help to shoot engaging and entertaining videos of a clever cat doing clever little things that really show off his individual cat personality.

Create a video that shows the entertaining, clever things your cat gets up to that really show off his individual personality.

FORMAT: Video – 30 seconds.

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Send your entries before 14th June and win up to €20,000!

  • #1 prize: € 10,000
  • #2 prize: € 6,000
  • #3 prize: € 4,000

Good luck!

Can you use human biology to invent a revolutionary way to deodorise?

11 May 2015 - par Ekaterina Pashina

Deos bio enhancement



The human body is a miraculous thing and it has capabilities that we are only just beginning to understand. More and more, scientists are discovering new ways of working with the human body that we never before thought possible, e.g. regenerating tissue or organs that are deteriorating back to their original state by growing them in the laboratory and then safely implanting them back into the body, or optimising naturally occurring internal bodily processes to have an effect on the outside.

But when it comes to managing sweat and odour and taking care of underarm skin, the only options we have are external solutions such as deodorants as we know them now.

Invent a revolutionary solution that uses human biology to manage sweat and odour, and restore delicate underarm skin.

FORMAT: Product and packaging design (visual) and text. (4 pages PDF only)

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  • #1 Prize €3,000
  • #2 Prize €1,500
  • #3 Prize €1,000
  • #4 Prize €500

Send us your revolutionary ideas till June 01, 2015 23:59 UTC!

Good luck!